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Placid Photos & Prose  Jarrette Fellows, Jr. 


Sometimes a river ebbs low, 

until the rain recharges its flow.

We can learn from the river's woe.


                Jarrette Fellows Jr.

another starry.jpg

Some say the glittering
cosmic sky are pricks in the

Black shroud revealing the luminescence of Heaven.

Jarrette Fellows Jr.

flowers reach.jpg

If you and I are flowers growing side-by-side, it is not my desire to grow superior and stunt your growth. I do want to share the sun, earth, wind and rain. And if my petal should overshadow your petal, nudge me and I will humbly move it away. But I am a vulnerable flower with mortal frailties, and should I find damage during my growth, fall limp and wither, I ask only this: That you nurture my roots, sooth my weakened stem, and believe in me that I will regain my strong posture to again reach for the sky.

Jarrette Fellows Jr.

cosmic night.jpg

The slumbering sultry Earth amidst the sparkling cosmic luminescence.

Jarrette Fellows Jr.

moon sea.jpg

The moon conducts the rolling waves, which compose music for our souls . . . 

When we listen, it reposes us.

Jarrette Fellows, Jr.

sunset photo ppp.jpg

Every sunrise is another opportunity to

reach anew to the best life has to offer.

Jarrette Fellows, Jr.

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